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For those interested in all aspects of the paranormal, The Truth Seeker will provide a compulsive, page turning read. It delves with fascinating detail into psychic ability, the power of the mind and out-of-body and near-death experiences. It explores reincarnation, life between one life and the next, and the existence of non-physical life forms. This book is provocatively controversial in its probing of four thousand years of religious beliefs.

Through gaining a deeper understanding of their multidimensional identity the reader is able to explore and understand their  own potential both psychically and spiritually. As the multifaceted nature of humanity is uncovered, so also are the underlying universal structures and laws. Such structure, as is revealed in astrology, invites consideration of the existence of non-physical, creative consciousness. Each answer found more clearly exposes the destiny of humankind.

The author combines personal paranormal experience and in-depth research to create this thought provoking, profound text. She draws upon knowledge gained through archeology, ancient texts, scientific research and quantum physics.

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Quantum mechanics has confounded physicists and scientists and the knowledge gained has changed forever the way in which the universe and life itself is viewed. As research reaches into the very heart of all that is, it reveals the incredible is possible.

As we look with new eyes and an open mind into paranormal phenomena, we discover that the exciting, the surprising and the wondrous are all ours to claim.

No journey can be more exciting or interesting than travelling the road that leads to the truth of who and what we are and to the personal experience of the paranormal powers we can each possess.

Read the stories and the supporting evidence of the boy who sees the dead, angels and elementals.

Could this boy really see the dead, angels and elementals?

The landscape of my life has been coloured by many varied paranormal experiences that have been breath-taking, exciting, wonderful and enchanting. These experiences enhanced a driving force within me; a force that has driven me to seek the truth and to uncover the mysteries surrounding phenomena such as intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, the application of the power of the mind in producing magic, and the accessing of the non-physical dimensions that transcend the physical.

Back in the 1960s when I first began experiencing the paranormal, the risk of being considered mentally unbalanced kept me from sharing my new awareness with others. Each time a new experience presented itself, I questioned why and how. The conflict between society’s teachings and what my experiences revealed to me evoked denial. My logical mind kept saying, This is impossible! However, nothing could erase my deep conviction that my experiences were real and not simply created by my unconscious mind.

Why was I having these experiences? Was it something I was doing? If so, what? How could I achieve these experiences at will when they seemed to occur without provocation or warning?

Was it possible the energy centres throughout my body, that I was becoming aware of, were responsible for psychic ability and magic?

In order to understand the underlying causes of how the metaphysical worked, and to come to terms with who and what I truly was, I began my lifelong search for answers. I delved into the mysteries of life through science, religion and personal experience. My experiences had revealed irrefutable truths that I used as a guide when studying. I devoured books that provided insight into the paranormal, the spiritual and the scientific.

My search for answers as to the true nature of humanity in the light of the paranormal was intensified by my need to search for solutions to the emotional pain experienced in personal relationships. I dabbled in psychology, attended classes on dream analysis, and studied palmistry, tarot and astrology. Each of these sources of knowledge explored human nature from different vantage points.

In 1991, after many years of developing my psychic skills through regularly attending classes, I decided to spend some time each week reading psychically for people. It wasn’t long before I encountered a growing number of opportunities to give lectures and teach people who were eager to understand more about metaphysics. This was to be the precursor to teaching through writing.

In my writing, I have attempted to relate as accurately as possible some of the many experiences that have enhanced my life, and at the same time show how they reveal a part of the greater picture of the non-physical aspects of the world and its non-physical residents. That picture is so incredible and awesome that nothing in our experience of the physical world can possibly compare.

How is it possible that the tarot can produce accurate information about an individual's life?

How is it possible that the tarot can produce accurate information about an individual’s life?

  • I can provide you with evidence of my experiences that have given me my proof
  • I can show you the evidence contained in the experiences of others
  • I can provide details of scientific research
  • But I can’t give you your proof!

While science offers some evidence and even absolute proof of the some of the paranormal, for the most part authentication comes from personal experience. Each person prepared to put in the effort can develop the necessary psychic skills and discover their own proof.


Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.

– Og Mangino
(Augustine ‘Og’ Mandino (1923-1996), American author)


Joan Boler grew up in New Zealand where she first attended a public school in a country town in the Bay of Plenty. When she was thirteen the family moved to Auckland where she was sent to Catholic intermediate and secondary schools which gave her a solid grounding in the Christian religion.  By her mid-teens Joan was questioning those teachings as, to her, some of what she was taught didn’t make sense or seemed morally wrong. The questioning, that continued throughout her life, found direction in the spiritual. In her twenties life introduced her to the paranormal and once again she was confronted with that which conflicted with Christian beliefs.

At age thirty Joan moved to Australia after having spent over a year living on Norfolk Island. Although her career was, for most of her working life, in accounting and office administration, her passion was always the spiritual and the supernatural. By the 1990s Joan was working as a psychic reader offering spiritual guidance and counselling and for many years worked as a teacher in psychic and spiritual development.

As Joan approached retirement she began writing of her knowledge and experiences. This exercise became a major task when she found herself needing to research in depth, the subjects that had been a hobby for so many years.  She researched, wrote, rewrote, and investigated further. Finally after a ten year marathon her book was finished.

Today Joan resides in a beautiful country town in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Her close proximity to the Gold Coast and her children, grandchildren, brother, various nephews, a niece, and friends, ensures an active social life.